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It is not only the wealthy that are moving to solar in their homes. There are so many options available to start the process. 

Apart from the obvious environmental benefits, the South African energy crisis is not going away anytime soon. If you have a business, it is essential to ensure you can continue to trade, even with load shedding. 

The benefits to the environment

Solar reduces air pollution.

It is the obvious and very evident benefit. Fossil fuels are dirty, expensive, and create many pollutants. They are also going to run out. 

Smog and dirty air are bad for the environment. It is terrible for our health and generally bad for aesthetics. 

The use of solar creates clean energy that does not contribute to air pollution. 

Reduce water usage

Other options for energy production can include hydropower and nuclear energy. Both use an excessive amount of water. Additional water systems and dams have to be built at a considerable cost. The local ecosystem will be affected and come under strain with the change in the infrastructure. 

There is no water usage or impact on the solar system when you install solar panels. 

Solar will reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources

Africa is lucky that we have a coal supply. But it is dirty and expensive to mine and move. When it gets wet, it is unusable. 

The more we can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, the better for the environment and our species. 

How solar can benefit you

When installing solar in your home or office environment, you instantly reduce your reliance on the power grid. In an instant, load shedding is a thing of the past. You do not have to do everything at once, and you do not have to have your home or office 100% off the grid. Leaving your geysers, aircon, and dishwashers can remain on the national grid. 

You can add in gas stoves and geysers if you wish to help continue household functions as much as possible during the downtimes. 

It is cheaper in the long run. The sun in South Africa is the best source of power. We can harness this energy for free and reap the benefits long term. 

The price of solar

The world is adopting technology so fast that the costs are dropping every day. It is becoming more affordable for the masses. 

You can build your solar system in modules and add to them over time. You can even finance your installation now through many banks and finance houses. 

Energy-saving bulbs, batteries to store the excess energy, and harnessing the sun every day, will ensure you can keep the lights on and your household and business operational.

PPI is an experienced company in solar technology, smart home, and telecommunications installations. Please speak to our team today on how we can help you to progress your home or business into a sustainable future. 

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