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The planet is running out of resources, and the power landscape is changing fast. The COP27 conference firmly focused on using renewable energy to alleviate the pressure on the old state-owned infrastructure. New technologies and global trends that focus on electric and solar options are the future’s new path. 

The Future of SA

Although SA is said to add 750MW of new coal in 2023, the reality is somewhat different. Coal is expensive, dirty, and, of course, comes with many other issues. The transport of coal is tiresome, and with the degeneration of the rail system, the trucks they use are destroying the road infrastructure. 

As Eskom aims to extend the Koeberg power station’s life, SA consumers have a different plan. 

Consumers and businesses that can afford to add solar, battery, and inverter options to their homes and business, are doing so rapidly. Solar supply companies battle to keep up with the demand. An entire industry is popping up in every small town, and the appetite for consumers to move away from a reliance on Eskom is enormous. 

Although there is talk from the Government not to offer consumers rebates if they can generate enough power to feed the grid, it is a good option. Solar options are a fantastic way to reduce the drag on the grid, especially in expansive and hot regions. South Africa is an ideal country to offer solar and renewable energy power options, and the main question is, why is it taking so long to implement?

Financing the future

Eskom and the Government are slowly coming to terms with the stranglehold of non-delivery and how resourceful South Africans are. There is a barrage of banks and finance companies now offering to finance energy opportunities to consumers and businesses alike. Consumers can see the benefit of continuing working and operating businesses during load-shedding and the saving they make not using the grid as much. 

Unfortunately, the short-sightedness of Eskom may come back to bite them. It may be too late to get in bed with consumers when they are already self-sufficient and go 100% off-grid from the national power supplier. 

In the meantime, companies like PPI Solar roll out various power options ranging from suburban homes to shopping centers. 

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