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Smart Home solutions you want in your home this festive season Smartphone ppi smart home

Every home can be a smart home. There are so many options that you can invest in that can be retrofitted to your home. We look at some great options for investing your year-end bonus this festive season. 

Smart lighting

As South Africans, we spend much of our time outside in summer. Solar is the obvious choice to have in your home and garden. If you link your garden lights to a solar charger, they can light up the darker areas of your garden and open up more space to entertain. 

The lights can also work as a deterrent for people from entering your property unlawfully. If you have enough light in your garden, it is more difficult to hide in dark areas or corners. 

Motion sensor lights help you to reduce your energy consumption too. It is far easier to install sensors that come on when you need them and switch off when you leave the room. 

Energy-efficient bulbs instantly reduce your energy bill, pulling fewer kilowatts of power. You can easily replace your old bulbs throughout your home with energy-efficient lightbulbs. 

Loadshedding lightbulbs are a great new addition to the South African market. The lightbulbs power up while there is Eskom power and continue to work and light up your home during load shedding. 

Voice-activated devices

Besides Siri dialing a number on your smartphone and Alexa ordering milk for delivery, some great smart devices are voice-activated. 

Security is always on the minds of South Africans. The Ring video doorbell is a two-way talk device you can use when you are not home. You can see who is at your door and even deter people from your home by speaking (or shouting) at them without you being in the area. 

Amazon, which now delivers to SA, has the Echo Dot device that works in conjunction with your Alexa device. The speaker offers a premium sound, manages your voice controls, and is compatible with other devices like Ring devices, solar lights and bulbs, and even locks and sensors. 

The Google Smart Home / Nest hub max is an affordable 10” touchscreen device compatible with your smart devices. You can manage everything at your fingertips with built-in Bluetooth and wi-fi connectivity.

You can connect it to stream from your favourite device with your security systems.

PPI Smart Home assist you to set up your smart home devices including multiple TV’s, streaming services and connect your smart home controllers to devices. 

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