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In South Africa, we look at solar options differently than the rest of the world. Firstly, we have a massive advantage in our weather. The sun can provide energy to the planet for an entire year in just one hour. We must harness this potential in South Africa to alleviate the pressure on natural resources. 

Advantages of Solar Energy

First off, it is a renewable resource. It will continue to provide for us with no end in sight. Unlike coal, it is not limited nor expensive. It takes us a little bit of effort to harness it for use. 

Many consumers already using solar panels and battery back-up see a vast difference in their electricity bills from Eskom or City power. The reduction in energy bills is a reason enough to adopt solar options in your home or business. Power becomes a cheaper commodity once all the necessary aspects of the system are in place. 

The advancement of tech is making it an affordable solution. There are much lower maintenance costs involved with the newer systems that are cheaper to buy, install and run. The newer batteries are also cleaner and smaller than you would think. You do not have to stack car batteries anymore to store your battery power.  

There is a higher demand for solar options, so the technology is far cheaper than it was five years ago. A regular household should be able to afford a basic system that you can upgrade as the budget allows. The plug-and-play options get you through a load-shedding cycle, and you can easily upgrade to include solar panels for a more sustained choice for your home or business. 

Say goodbye to load-shedding woes

The strain on the Eskom grid is not going away. The only solution available to the SA consumer and business is to get as independent of the Eskom grid as possible. Loadshedding has been on the go since 2007 in South Africa. With 15 years of load shedding, consumers know the solution is not on the horizon. The load-shedding schedule now goes up to stage 8. That equates to 13,5 hours of no power in one day. No business or home can survive that level of load shedding. 

When a business only has the opportunity to operate during office hours, retail-based and even restaurants, they cannot afford to have downtime. Many small businesses did not make it through the Covid-19 pandemic, based on the overload of shutdowns and load shedding simultaneously. 

Many malls are now getting themselves off the grid and offering these solutions to the tenants in their malls. The smaller stores can then continue trading, and in turn, customers flock to the malls that have power, as they can get food, wifi, and energy there, as opposed to at home.

PPI Solar has products and services ranging from suburban homes to shopping centers. 

If you have a power need, speak to our team today to see how we can solve your problem.


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