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Combat the Load-shedding stress in your life

South Africa has long grappled with load shedding. This recurring issue has far-reaching consequences, affecting consumers and businesses nationwide. Load shedding disrupts daily life and hampers economic growth and development. 

How the Eskom price increase will affect your home and business

How the Eskom price increase will affect your home and business

The South African energy utility company Eskom is still facing financial difficulties, leading to more price hikes for electricity. The impact of these price hikes on the South African economy can be significant. It will lead to increased costs for businesses and households, leading to Inflation, reduced consumption, and slower economic growth. South African consumers […]

Changing the power landscape

Changing the power landscape Solar Panels PPI Group PPI Solar

The planet is running out of resources, and the power landscape is changing fast. The COP27 conference firmly focused on using renewable energy to alleviate the pressure on the old state-owned infrastructure. New technologies and global trends that focus on electric and solar options are the future’s new path.  The Future of SA Although SA […]



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